One of my cousins, Bianca, told me one day about one of her colleagues in high school. She graduated from high school many years ago. Every time we met I used to complain about the way I looked. I  wanted to be thinner and taller. Then she began to tell me that her classmate, who was a girl, had one leg much shorter than the other and she wore crutches all the time. Her walk was very difficult and slow. Of course, she couldn't run or dance like the other girls of her age. Her face wasn't ugly, she had black hair and black eyes. But she was sad and not very friendly. She wasn't a brilliant student, either. Her schoolmates were sorry for her but avoided her as much as possible. The others laughed and jumped during the breaks and ignored her totally. Some other wicked students made fun of her or bullied her when she walked outside. Nobody tried to understand her or to communicate with her.
When graduation time came, all the students were very excited and had a great party after the festive course. She stood alone supported by her crutches and nobody paid attention to her.
Then my cousin met this girl in the park with her husband and a wonderful child. Her husband was a very handsome man, tall and well-built, who was very caring with her. He offered her attention and support. She seemed to be very happy and fulfilled.
This happening made me think of my situation. I realized that I had no reasons to complain anymore. Life is sometimes full of surprises. Luck and chance play an important role in our destiny. But we should never give up and we should always. think positively. This girl is an example of the law of compensation in life. God takes something from you, just to give you, instead something else to make you stronger.

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