Today I have to go to family reunion and I hate it. These are so boring and annoying.  But it has to be done. So I get in the car and hope for the best. When we arrive we’re stuck at the door because we have to welcome everyone. “Do we sit down at the table? At least the food will keep us occupied.” I thought to myself. As if someone read my mind we sit down.
          My aunt asks me if I want some wine. Of course I do. O...k. Mom doesn’t seem too happy about this. Just ignore her glare. After that everything becomes quiet. Then it hit me. This is the moment when everybody asks me about school. It’s ok Iyleene. You’ve trained for this moment. Short and vague answers followed by a fake smile. Let them think that everything is fine and they will change the subject. Oh no. Now they ...are... talking.... about politics. What have I done?!
          Let’s refill my glass of wine and hope that mom doesn’t notice. I pass the wine bottle under the table to dad and hope that mom doesn’t notice. Pork chops. Yes!!! That’s what I came for. Well for this and because grandma promise.... me 50 lei. While I was eating I couldn’t believe what I heard. Mom was praising me. “Yep. Everything she’s saying is true.” Ok. That didn’t last for too long. “Ssshhh! Don’t ruin grandma’s impression that I’m a good kid. I really need those this money.” Well this could’ve been better. I’m going to the bathroom and not because I need to, but because they’re talking again about politics.
          When I come back I realize that my mother was telling my relatives a story since I was little. “Mom, you told us this story a thousand time. We get it. We get it every year.” Yep. This is the moment when we don’t have anything to talk about so we notice the dog. Thank god we have Snowflake. :|
         In the end the sweets had come. That means this whole thing is ending. Hallelujah. I thought that this nightmare will would never end.

povesteste la trecut, nu la prezent, pentru mai multa precizie si ca sa eviti confuzia care apare atunci cand, accidental, incepi sa povestesti la trecut, apoi din nou la prezent etc etc

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