I'm waiting. I've been here for like half an hour, and I'm still waiting. Waiting for what, you're probably wondering. I'm waiting for the answer that will end up all my fears. The answer that could change my entire life, and overturn my fate. I'm waiting for the final answer.
     I was feeling relaxed on my way home, after the intervention operation. Relieved, I could say. I've ...... had a big mole on my back. It was very annoying, especially when I was going to the beach, where I couldn't stay for long without covering my back, ...so as to not..... not to burn it. But it was uncomfortable even when I was taking a shower! I had to be extremely careful not to rip it. Because, well...I could get Cancer if it would have had happened. So I was relieved I ...as.... got rid of it. There was also the same risk removing it through an intervention operation, but it was considerabley reduced.
     So, everything has been was alright that day. And the day after. And even the whole week. But after that, I beguan to have migraines. And after a few weeks, it became something frequent. "It must be because of the Anemia", I was thinking. I was often often sufferinged from Anemia, but last time I took an intensive vitamin treatment, and it seemed to disappear for almost six months straight. More than ever. The doctors said that now, my organism will probably regulate ....this........ . Sp it was weird. But everything is possible, right? So I went ..to.... take some blood analyzes analysis, to see what happened, more exactly. My analyzes analyses were not alright at all.
     So this is how I got here. Yes, I did investigations had done examinations. For Cancer. And now I'm waiting. Waiting for the results. And I'm scared. Extremely scared.
     The cabinet's office's door is opening. It is my turn to enter. To enter and to hear. What? The final answer.

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