I once read a story that I really liked. It was a horror story and I was very impressed by the author's imagination. I remember reading it like it was yesterday, which might have actually been as I don't really remember the last time I read that story. Anyway, I was sitting on the floor in my room avoiding doing homework in the morning. As I was really bored I got up and got the first book I saw on my desk. I opened it randomly to one of the stories.

It went like this: there was a hospital corridor cold and isolated from light. A doctor ........... walking down the hall with a resting face. He stops in front of one of the rooms and remembers [uneste propozitiile] that the patient inside had a strange illness. He did and no one could argue with that. The patient had really long dreams. It was days at first, then weeks, months, years and so on. The patient looked exhausted every time he woke up. He dreamed the future as it was about to happen. His appearance was worsening as well as he started looking not like a dead person but more like one that didn't belong in that space or that time. He was very worried the next dream he was going to have was never going to end. He wouldn't go to sleep. He'd panic when the sun was going down. But in the end he stopped fighting and slept the eternal dream. The doctor took samples of his now dead flesh and started examining it.

I wasn't as terrified as I was interested in the story and what was about to happen. I decided I'd stop reading so I would get to have a good story to read for a longer time. Around noon though I fell asleep. I dreamt about the next day with every detail included. From the very moment I fell asleep to the next day's night time. I dreamt I woke up sweating in the night and tossed the book out the window then getting it back the next day.

When I woke up I had the worst feeling about the horror book and I threw it away from my head accidentally out the window. I recognised the scene and hurried to the doctor. As I explain....d everything to him he mumbled something under his breath but I was too restless to care about that. The next day I decided all of that was happening because of not finishing the story.

The ending went like this: the doctor started experimenting on random people with the substance he found in the patient's DNA.

My last night's dream was 50 years long.

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