Dear diary
          Staying in bed  for a week may seem like a really fun thing but it`s actually the worst! Esppcially if you have a headache and your stomach hurts.
         Why am I feeling like that? Well, it all started Monday morning, at school. It was the break between the English class and Math. I stayed and read my lesson because we were having a test that day. I prepared for it for almost two weeks. Anyway, the bell rang and the  teacher entered and he gave us the pappers and we started working. In the middle of the test, my head started hurting really bad. I raised my hand and asked permission to go to the bathroom. I stood up and tried reach the door, but the only thing I remember is that I hit the hard, cold floor. 
         Then I woke up at the school`s medical office. My head was still hurting and I felt like my feet were incapable of moving. I tried to stand, but my stomach suddenly started hurting and I started sweting. I don`t know how I reached the sink, but what I do know is that I threw up quite a lot. Then the nurse helped me lay in bed and started asking me some silly questions like what  I had eaten, if I had been]stressed out about anything, if I had experienced this befote etc. She then called my mom to come pick me up.
        The next day I went to hospital. They run some tests and they said that I had a really really rare disease. I don`t know what it`s called but the doctor said that for the next month I should stay at home, get some sleep, eat ONLY fruit and vegetables and come to hospital for treatment twice a week. If necessary,I will have to stay at home even longer. I hate the ideea of not being able to see my friends for so long. Plus that now I have to learn everything on my own. I hope this will be over soon! I feel like every inch of my body hates me!

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