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story of injury or disease

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Hi to everybody reading this, and I'm talking about everyone who has to reply to 10 posts as homework. Today I'm going to tell you a story that's real so you may recognize me if you know me in real life. I had to go through two surgeries at my left eye.
Well it all started this summer, after I gave have given my eighth grade exam. I do suffer from chronic blepharitis, which is a disease that gets transmitted through the genes and makes my eyelids sensitive. So, as I was saying, during the exam I was very stressed and anxious, which determined had determined my immunity to drop consistently. The blepharitis saw my lack of immunity, so it came in and gave me a swollen eye. It was uncomfortable and sometimes itchy and aching. I went as well at to the sea side, and my eye got bigger, so my parents finally decided to take me to see a doctor.
I went at to the doctor's and there the doctor said that I have had an internal chalazion. It's "a small circumscribed tumor of the eyelid formed by retention of secretions of the meibomian gland and sometimes accompanied by inflammation" as Google says, and it means that there were had been little chances for my eye to recover just with medication, it really needed surgery. But my weak ass refused the surgery hoping in something almost impossible. Fast forward 3 months later, in December, after using a lot of different eye drops and even antibiotics (which can damage your liver) I went again at once more to a different doctor, which who told me there's no way I could get well with no surgery. Of course I asked for general anesthesia that can also harm your brain.
The 10th of December was a Monday, the day I should have given been giving the final test at for biology, but no, it was my surgery day! I knew it there was some kind of schedule for eating the day you have a general anesthesia, but I preferred to listen to my dad (who's a fricking doctor but still had no clue about thus this) instead of asking an actual anesthesist. So I ate breakfast at 9.34 a.m.. At 11.30 a.m. we got in the car and headed to the cabinet office. All the way I was crying because I have a very terrible phobia against needles needle phobia. So I arrived there, everything not so nice, but I'm was trying to lie to myself, even though it doesn't didn't work. A very nice nurse led me to the changing room and offered me a bathrobe and a bonnet to put on. To be honest, it felt like in a turkish soap opera where one of the important characters gets into a very risky surgery, and they zoom in on the fact that the person is walking, or on the ugly crying face, with a sad and non-copyrighted violin song on the background... that shit hit me hard and make made me cry even more. They told me to sit in a room that was in front of the surgery room and the nurses were trying to do everything that they are were supposed to do before the surgery, like inserting different eyedrops and desinfecting me with iodine. Then, the anesthesist came in and asked me one simple question: "What hour time did you eat breakfast?". I also replied "At like half past 9...". That's the crucial moment - He told me to leave because I could have died if he ...... had used the anesthesia after I ate in such short time. He explained that before a surgery like this you should eat 6 hours before and drink water 3 hours before. The whole thing got postponed until the next day.
OK, so the next day I didn't eat at all, and drank water until 10 a.m.. Then the procedures .......... had repeated, but I didn't feel the need to cry so much. Fast forward to the actual moment. The anesthesist took me to the surgery room and started asking me about my crush. I had to make up a name just to make them shut up. And they asked me things like what am  was I going to visit this summer, while I was feeling have been feeling the needle penetrating my vein (that shit hurt) and then I fell asleep. I woke up after 32 minutes with no pain at on my eye. I was bandaged like a pirate for 5 hours, time in which while I went home and lied stayed in my bed. The funny part is that after those 5 hours my eye was looking had been looking really bad but I still had to go to a Christmas dance show (the crew wouldn't have been complete without me)
Long story short, not even a month after this happened, my chalazion came back and I had to go through this shit again, but with no general anesthesia because it could .......have be.... been fatal if I've had done one more in such short time.
So that's the story of my disease... thank you for reading this whole thing, I think I've never written this much. The lesson: eat 6 hours before and drink 3 hours before a surgery with anesthesia.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » story of injury or disease