If you've ever been to Paris as a tourist, you have certainly visited or even heard of the city's catacombs. No wonder they represent one of the most sought-after tourist attractions.
This old cemetery is located 20 meters below the city's streets and is made up of a network of tunnels and crypts. For 30 years, the parisian authorities have buried the bones of over 6 million people there until this process was stopped. The length of these catacombs is immense, but tourists can visit a very small part of them.
It is an interesting and scary tourist destination at the same time. The message above the entrance ("Stop! Here is  the Empire of Death!") gives you a feeling of anxiety and the fear that grows gradually and mixes with astonishment because of where you are: you are surrounded by a lot of skulls and bones  arranged and some of them are ornaments, among them are many religious signs such as crosses and Bible quotes written in pieces of stone, windows and doors are almost non-existent, light is an artificial one and many more. A factor that stimulates this sensation is the much lower temperature that makes you tremble.
I do not think I have to say that the Paris catacombs have a rather rich history: there were all sorts of religious rituals, the tunnels witnessed many war happenings, and that is what this thought says to you " Do not enter!". Curiosity will push you along the narrow hills and stairs you have to climb, and when the tour ends, you will realize it's worth it because you do not see every day a terrifying and unusual place like this one. I would say that these catacombs are a projection of death, but especially of the passage of time.

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