Letter of recommendation
University of Narnia
Admission Committee
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Dear Admission Committee Members,
I am feeling great joy as I am writing to you to support the candidacy of my very good friend Iustina Wayne for admission to the Art and History Department at the University of Narnia.
I met Iustina in the very first day of freshmen year. At the beginning I didn’t think much of her. What an unfortunate mistake. One day in History Class our teacher came up with a very hard question. Never in my life had I felt so lost. Nobody knew. And so Iustina raised her hand and she gave the right answer. We all were speechless. Since that day she began to make her voice heard.
Iustina’s way of thinking allows her to succeed in many different subjects. Somehow she could be one of the best students without trying too hard.  For her it was always natural. Even if she could’ve chosen something else, history was and will forever be her true passion. She believes that the meaning of life lays hidden in history books. Iustina has tested her knowledge in many notable competitions such as: ‘’The National History competition” and ‘’The International History and Geography competition”. Besides History she also loves art. At the age of 17 she made her debut in the world of art with an impressive photography collection.
  I am thus convinced that Iustina is more than deserving to be accepted in your Art and History Department. She is a wonderful person and an even more amazing student. I believe she will make an amazing addition in the University of Narnia.
    Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to support you in your decision-making process.
Jon Snow