Dear Felun Blusk,
Iím writing to recommend Razvan Raileanu for the Game Tester job offer.In my opinion he would make the perfect fit for the offer,since he enjoys playing video games a lot,no matter the genre,and can easily tell if there is something missing or not functioning correctly within said games.He pays attention to small details,has a broad spectrum of knowledge on the video game subject so he will easily be able to also point out missing features of a game or just simply point out diffences that the game might have with its competition.He is also a fast worker,not liking to take extensive breaks or waste time.
To my knowledge he does not have education within the programming industry,though as a Game Tester this will not be an issue.However,he does have experience in totally breaking games made in a lot of different engines,as he was part of a video game speedrunning team.Speedrunning a game involves exploiting the flaws of a game to the extreme in order to complete it as fast as humanly possible without the use of external programs.
Razvan is also a very organized and communicative person,and combined with his love for video games,informing the developers of their mistakes should be no problem for him.
Again,I strongly recommend Razvan for the position of Game Tester at your company.He would make a great addition to your team.