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Should we pay our children for their school results

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More and more parents are willing to reward their children for positive results in the classroom by giving them money. I believe that parents should not financially reward their children for good grades for a number of reasons.
     Firstly, it is a child’s job and responsability to go to school and learn. Teaching responsability to children helps them to achieve success in school and in life in general. The ultimate goal is to have the children understand what responsability is in the first place and they should not see it as something they should be rewarded for.
     Secondly, payments for good grades are only motivating children in the short run. Eventually, children will lose motivation for learning. Once parents stop paying a certain amount of money to their children , and the reward system ends, children study less and their grades will gradually fall.
     Admittedly, parents can use monetary rewards to help their children get better grades. However, when money is used for this purpose, grades lose their value because it does not fully represent the child's capabilities. What’s more, this practice can lead to reduced creativity and, furthermore, will encourage kids to cheat
      In conclusion , good grades, school accomplishments, and personal growth are rewarding enough. Learning and achiveing goals are the main purposes of school work. These two are undermined when the only reason of getting good grades is money-making.

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Hy, rodo10!I share the same opinion as you. Parents should never reward their children, especially with money. It is even more sad that the child will also be forced to learn about the things they do not like and that does not help the child develop passions for the domains on who finds them interesting. In addition, if the children is paid every time he gets a good grade, the child will become financially dependent on parents. Ps: wonderful composition:)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Should we pay our children for their school results