I took a shortcut. Wasn’t supposed to take a shortcut. Amidst darkness, everything seemed quiet. Out of nowhere, I heard small footsteps behind me. They were silent, they must ...... be.... using some high-tier muffle-boots. As soon as I heard the sound of a laser activating and saw a red dot on my chest, I tried to dodge it, but it was too late, ........[conjunctie] because I was already bleeding out. I caught a glimpse of the assassin: short, black hair, definitely a girl…agile to say the least, but she didn’t get the job done...or did she?

I wasn’t dead, but I was sure as hell incapacitated. She had shot through my left knee, but it didn’t kill me and it wouldn’t have killed me anytime soon, if I got to a implant-clinic. I kept limping forwards, pistol at my side, carefully studying any sounds. She probably made her way out of this mess by now, but I kept wondering, who was she? Such a shot could only be done by a master of the arts, it wasn’t an amateur. She wants me alive, but why?

I saw one of those big titanium-made manholes just laying lying next to a hole in the ground. The assassin must’ve taken to the sewers. Instead of going to a clinic, I climbed down the drain, into a cesspool of darkness and garbage. I immediately regretted this, but I knew that sooner or later I had to get a cybernetic implant in my knee, even though whether it was shot or not, so I ventured further down the tunnels, even though my knee hurt like hell. Blood soaked the fabric of my tactical trousers. (really need a better name for them because this just sounds silly), but I kept stumbling forward into the obscurity. These tunnels led to the Cronos District, so this assassin must be a high ranking official to afford to live here. Is she…the famed Gost? No, it can’t be. She surely has bigger fish to fry, I’m just a small-time Runner, she can’t possibly…

Another shot, through the murky sewer. No laser this time, not a clue of where I was either. A fair fight, or so I thought, as I shot my suppressed pistol in the dark, hoping to hit something.

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