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Flu season

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Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year having wonderful landscapes with houses and trees loaded with snow, and also there comes the special time of Christmas holidays, when streets are full of lights, people smile more, singing and listening to carols and families are reunited for once in a year. But like any beautiful thing has a less good part, itís the season where the flu and colds are everywhere.
  If you do not take care to dress properly, you risk seeing your doctor more often than youíre accustomed to, thing thatís not really good. ....... My mom still being a child and not giving importance of the danger she has been exposed to, end..... up lying at home, surrounded by tissues and pills. At first she turned to traditional methods, drinking lot of hot tea with slices of lemon and ginger and using a mixture of honey and cinnamon such as an old womensí cure. She still had a runny nose and sore eyes, she was sneezing and coughing so my dad decided itís time to use more serious treatments. Going to the doctor has become a routine, but an ordeal too. Not living in that surroundings full of sick people, we do not give importance to the sadness and agony that pass by us. These days going with my mom to hospitals made me realize the serious situations whereby others pass through, people that if you see on street you donít give them attention, because not knowing it weíre too focused on us, on our lives.
  Eventually, after some weeks of torture my mom stood up with the help of doctors and medicaments.

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I totally understand how it is to be sick, and it becomes more saddest when you realize it is about to be Christmas holidays and you need to spend all day in the house. You need to be very careful around this season, because, as you said, I don't think you would like to lay in bad all day long instead of being with family members and enjoy the time you have to spend it together, making beautiful memories. I agree with you, and everyone should dress carefully if they want to take advantage of the beauty of the winter landscapes


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Flu season