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Dear diary,
  Today was a boring day. In  the morning I listened some music and then I played on my phone.  But I didn't  did something special or exciting.
  In the evening, I watched  TV, but it wasn't something interesting so I didn't watche very much. I was bored again.
  I read some articles in a history magazine.
  Outside it's raining, so I didn't can go out of the house. Then I watched a good film. This was the special thing that I did in this day because I loved that movie.
  Today was a boring day (I said that, but it doesn't matter) and realy  it is.
   Maybe IT is my foult because I didn't find something important or interesting to do. But this is it! :)

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That was not a boring day. That is my dream day! That is every introvert's dream day; being alone, doing absolutly nothing, being free to be himself; no school, no responsibility, no work, no nothing, just freedoom. A perfect day!  :cool:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » Page 1 of diary