Dear sir Christian Milan,

    I would like to address this recommendation letter to present Miss Daria Sofrone in order to work as a camp guide at the Bonita Flor camp.
    I had the opportunity to know her when I worked at a private kindergarten in the city center. I worked with her for a year and I can say that she is the person she is meant to work in an environment surrounded by children.
    Throughout her time, I have been able to observe the creativity she proves in her activities with children. She easily finds new games to entertain the little ones, she also knows more beautiful stories and the fact that she can teach children how to learn guitar. I also want to add that she has experience in mountain expeditions. She also has a first aid course.
      As I could see, miss Daria is a sociable, friendly, kind, intelligent one. In addition, there is a person who cares about the others around, I had several occasions when I saw her helping those who were in difficulty, or it was a Valentine's Day project that could leave tickets for others, she was so nice she made the tickets for everyone. I'm sure she wrote something to make people smile and make them a better day. She is also very hardworking and patient, who knows how to find solutions. She is also a creative person, she recycles some objects that no longer use and transform them into decorative objects or rebuild them otherwise.
     In the issue, I would like to strongly recommend Miss Daria Sofrone to be employed as a camp guide at the Bonita Flor camp.

Your sincerely,
Sofia Gota