Date : 18/02/2019

To whom it may concern :

It is my vast pleasure to recommend my classmate and old friend, Lesley Anderson, into your graduate program for the next academic year. I've known Lesley for more than four years now and we became close friends due to the common likings and tastes.

She is a trustworthy, hardworking and truly capable young girl. As far as I have observed during the years, her intelligence, diligence and honesty, put together, they outweigh any other student in our class and any possible flaw she might posses.

Lesley Anderson is very emotional and emphatic human being . Facts which qualifies her as a very good listener, also a respectful, mannered and delicate student you would be elated to admit in your elite educational program.

If there is any inquiry regarding to her reference, please feel free to contact me.

Your's sincerely,
Karrie Martin