This wasn't a pleasant experience , I am sure of that , and I hope nothing like this is going to happen again .
    Everything happened a couple of weeks ago . Me and 3 of my friends planned to visit the abandoned cigarettes factory to see what can we find interesting in this place . The place was huge , with 4 different buildings , one with seven floors and the other ones with two or four floors. The factory was a historical monument , so we weren't allowed to take anything from this place , we weren't even allowed to visit it , but we didn't care and we passed the guard at the entry then we tried to see if we can find something interesting here , like documents or old things .
   After we got to the sixth floor of the big biulding , ........ found some old documents from 1989 , and what was remaining from a tobacco processing room . We took everything we found old and still in decent condition . and we continued our way up to the last floor , where we thought that we will find something good . We wanted to sell everything we found to an antique store to make some money . Unfortunately , the seventh floor was almost empty , we found some graffiti cans and an old paperwork , nothing too interesting .
   Everything was going well so far , until we got out ...... the big building . Outside the guard knew someone was inside , so we tried to find another exit . Badluck , because he saw us and followed us until we got into a dead end . He called for the security to come , and we knew we were going to get caught . We tried to run , but it didn't go so well . The security got there and caught one of us , and we didn't want to leave him alone , so we surrendered . The police came here and called our parents , gave us a fine of 200 RON to each of us and took all the stuff we found here .  Our parents were really disappointed , they punished us , but they at least forgave us .
   We learned that we should respect the law , even if we don't like it . I will never break the law again , I promise that .

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