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Letter of recommendation ( for a classmate )

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I'm writting in connection to the recommendation of a classmate for the participation at the swim courses from Viva Galati .
Her full name name is Luca Malina Elena , she is from Iasi ,she is 16 years old and 56 kg.
Malina Luca , is a merry girl , ambitious and conscientious. She likes  healthy life-style , but she doesn't find a sportiv activity to define her , yet.
She goes to the gym and to the swimming pool in her free time . She likes water and the sun .
She has an athletic body and she eats healthy , this is why she could be a good swimmer.
She has idols by the entire world of sport , but she never has the courage to try it herself .
Malina is the biggest fan of Camelia Potec and she dreams to become  like her . She knows that just hard work can help her to become a champion and she is determinate  to try this . This are the main reasons which make me to believe in her and to recomand her. I would like to be besides classmates , swimming colleagues as well
If my letter has managed to make you want Malina in your swimming teem , you can contact her at the phone number 05385250862.

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I agree! The way Malina thinks is a good way! Not many think that if you really want something to work hard, most quit their dreams when the first problem comes up! I hope that Malina is accepted to the swimming contest and to fulfill her dream! We have to work hard for what we want! Succces Malina!



I really like your describe. Malina for me is a good example and I hope she will manage somehow. .



as I see, Malina has a very well-defined character and personality! It would be a great pleasure to meet her and maybe help her in discovering her passion! Much success in what she does next !!!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Letter of recommendation ( for a classmate )