Dear Diary,

       Today I decided to implement my plan to find out which boy is leaving my roses under thedesk every Friday.
        After I thought a lot, I realized he left the rose in the break after the second hour because he knows I have sport the third class the and then go to the gym. Being the cold season and because I had a really cold I talked to the sports teacher to let me stay in class this time. In my classroom there is a large  closet where we keep things like paper tops, scissors, colorful paper, even food, here I refer to sweetie pie
         After all my colleagues left, I hid in the closet, leaving the door of the closet open. Suddenly I heard the class door open, I saw a tall, brunette boy who seemed familiar to me. I did not take my head out of the closet but I managed to take the phone and take pictures, hopefully I took a picture of his face. I went out of the closet when I realized he was gone. I did not look straight at the pictures because I promised Eliza that I would look with her.
         After the break I ran out to find Eliza, when I met her, I pulled the phone. I looked at the pictures I made. Luckily, there was a picture of his face. I recognized the boy. The person who gave me roses was Chris, the boy I volunteered for at the beginning of school. When my plan was successful, I was greatly rejoiced.
So to thank him all the flowers so far decided to leave them under the desk a note with the following message: "Thank you, for the little ones."

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