Dear lawyer, I am writing this letter to tell you how well my colleague Ana is doing for this job.[nu e potrivit sa te adresezi direct unui avocat, pentru ca nu stii cine va citi scrisoarea de recomandare]
          For three years to date, she has prepared herself for the service of her life. From the 9th grade, ....... reads every law, reads all the documents that appear immediately after they were published, and especially looking at all the possible and impossible documents. By this letter, I want to tell you that Ana is a very ambitious, working, devoted, smart and energetic person, and everything she's proposing is accomplished. Especially because in our school there are debates, and to tell you honestly this has won them all, and her grades are impeccable.
         Please consider what I have mentioned and accept Ana's internship at your law office. Thank you!

organizeaza continutul in  paragrafe cu subiect distinct: 1 despre personalitate si altul despre cunostinte si abilitati

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