A beautiful village is the village that inspires you purity, quiet even simplicity.

In my view, a village is even more beautiful when it has a geographic position somewhere near the mountain or even a forest, it will help clean the air, purifying the place. This can also be enjoyed by children doing various activities, gathering the fruits of the forest, and drawing leaves of different models. Still, this forest is not a material benefit (wood) for health care but is protected by them and clean.

A beautiful village is a village with beautiful people, that is, a small community to be united with each other and make beautiful luck together with a mayor who is involved in activities for the benefit of the village.

In my opinion, a priest plays a very important role in a village and can influence, for the sake of good, not only those people who have passed an age, and the children grow beautiful, clean and learn from his stories.

An important role is played by the educational institution in the village, or a secondary school or even a vocational high school; A place where children develop their abilities and chink and do not stay at the minimum level of knowledge they assimilate from home.

A beautiful village is that village where each inhabitant works to have something natural, bio: milk, honey, eggs, meat, flour, etc. which it can turn into an income.

So, with several villages like this, the lands do not want to be so polluted, but they will purify themselves by cultifying their fruits.

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