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Clothing is an aspect of human life, which is often given much greater weight than it should.

Besides the fact that man has made considerable effort to procure chosen clothes, he is not even content with ever, constantly searching for other and other expensive and expensive items.

Clothes can characterize in one way or another the character, personality, style or social scale that a person is, but not always.

I'm going to talk about the people who are dressed "mixed", meaning in more styles and in more colors or without any connection or interest in what they wear (sometimes dirty) :( These are the people who do not inspires trust, always from the lowest social scale; So called "boschetari".

Another style is the sport, represented by people dressed in training or easier. These people are an active character, or they can also represent those lazy people who do not like a certain pressure to choose clothes and will not be disturbed by their clothes.

And last but not least, the office style, elegantly represented by women dressed in dresses, skirts and shirt or pantaloons in stripe and shirt and men's always in costume. They inspire a special trust and more seriousness.

Therefore, we must never forget that "the coat does not make man"!

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I share your opinioin about the fact that " the coat does not make the man", but I'm in a quite contadiction with your point of view about the people who dress "mixed", as you mentioned in your composition.
In my opinion, these people are far from being called "boschetari". As I'm sometimes dressing likewise, and I assure you I'm not homeless at all, I tend to think that those people have a multilateral personality, consequently they try to express it in their clothing style. Or, maybe, they just like to be "brightly- coloured", that might also be the reason why they're dressing like that. :-)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Clothing