To Iasi Volunteer Center

I, the undersigned Popescu Ingrid, are a student at the "Mihai Eminescu" National College, Iaşi, together with Bahrin Diana, and we have known each other since 2002. As a student, I had the opportunity to form an objective view of Bahrin Diana, which I believe justifies me to write this recommendation letter.

Let me first of all mention that Bahrin Diana is first of all a good colleague, always optimistic, who succeeds in the most delicate moments to inspire confidence in the collective in which he operates. I wanted to make this point because I personally consider it to be one of Diana Bahrin's most important, if not the most important, quality.

If I were to mention the qualities of Dianna Bahrin, I should first of all emphasize that, besides specialized training, she is part of that category of people ready to learn something at all, to get acquainted with everything that is new both in the strict field of specialty, as well as in other related fields, which they could use in their daily activities.

The desire for improvement has made Bahrin Diana win both the trust of his colleagues and hierarchical superiors, who entrusted him with some activities requiring increased responsibility. This is, for example, the coordination of certain projects whose short completion requires a high degree of mobilization from the whole team.

He was also entrusted with maintaining direct customer engagement, due to his communication skills and ease of contact.

Considering the above, I highly recommend Bahrin Diana who will definitely be a basic person for any team.

Date of letter of issue: 15. February2019

Name and signature: Popescu Ingrid

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