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An argument in the family

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The family is a great part of every human's life. It's like a group of friends, but you do not have to select them from the crowd, they are next to you from the beginning of life and you just fit with them cause you're from the same tree, you share the same sap, the same past and the same future.In this world of doubt, insecurity and fear, family is always there for you, holding their arms open to you with love. But maybe family is more like a machine within every piece help the other to work faster and faster, and has that moment of silence and that once full of noice and spark. And so in family,a house without arguments is like salt-free food.
   Usually in my family the arguments star because of clothes thrown randomly in my room, dirty dishes, TV, food or whatever annoys my mother, the one who threw the ball to the net. To begin with, my dad has some kind of an allergy to dust so any contact with it causes sneezing that annoys my mom. Initially she's silent, she's keeping the complaints like in a pressure pot, then remove some steam raising sagging eyes on those around, more precisely to my father and I, she got all the anger and presure out of the pot complaining about the unpleasant noise next to her ear caused by my dad. It follows my dad defending himself among repeated sneezes and the little lawyer, me, the one who tries to calm the atmosphere and hold on to the one who is right, but ends being judged and defending herself. Eventually that silent and peacefully moment transform in a shindy ended without any winner and the day continues as nothing happened.



I think in every family there are times when you argue, but that is totally normal, even if they start to be mad at you just because of some clothes. We need to realize that everything can be solved with calm. At the end of the day, you realized that things don't always turn out the way you planned, or the way you think they should, but family will be there for  you to cheer you up, forgetting the banal arguments of the past



That is a really interesting statement: " a house with no arguments is like salt-free food "
Isn't it true that we usually say something is great whenever there is no fault to it? Let me give you an example. Let's suppose you buy a new toy... maybe a car with remote control. By accident, you didn't notice that one of the wheels is not moving from I don't know what reason. Doesn't that mean that you want to return it? You don't like it and so you wish to return it.
Having said that, why do you think a family that argues is a good thing? After all, keep in mind that too much salt in your food isn't healthy!! :))



Heh, that statement othellos78 is talking about is, in fact, a little bit true. My grandma always says that 'every family has its own dramas' and I am really glad that you chose to write about sneezing. :)) It really made me laugh. I like the introduction, but it automatically made me feel like there is a lack of ending. :/ 
Anyway, keep it up! I really liked the way you wrote.



My parents usually get along and there aren't many times I hear them fighting. Me and my brothers are the ones fighting sometimes. But what is the most important is that we love each other and we never let this fights affect our relationship. We are united and I believe that we are a special family.



Family quarrels are a completely normal matter, even if they start with a note, clothes or a friendship.
In my opinion, you should be more careful, because you know that what you do disturbs your mother. However, you should not believe that your parents are arguing for you for no reason .. no, they are doing it to teach you to become more drowsy and to take care of a house for the moment you will have to go home.



Hello. You are right. In a very uncertain and dangerous life,family takes the first place when it comes to ourselves security and they are the first  source of understanding.They must help you and be whith you when you have trouble


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