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My role model

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I love my mom; I love her the most, is the thought that comes to my mind when I think about her. She is the one who loves me unconditionally and cares for me beyond imagination. When she embraces me I get the most tranquil feeling in life. She knows it all before even I know what I want in my life. She reads my silence, my tears, my mind and my heart. But, does she know that she has the biggest place in my heart…?

Life doesn’t come with any manual it just comes with a mother and all our questions and doubts in life are answered. One person that I always want besides me is my mom. She constantly plays so many roles in my life be it a teacher, mentor, cook or a doctor and so on. Her selflessness is unmatched. She endures all the problems in life with a smiling face and stands strong and firm. She is my inspiration to be a strong and loving mother. She is truly my role model. Though, I never know whether I can ever fit in her shoes.

It breaks my heart when she is upset or when she falls sick. I have one little prayer to God; just keep my parents healthy and happy forever



I've known your mother for two weeks and I already love her too. I think she is a very good role model for you and you can learn a lot of things from her. Help her how much you can and respect her. You are very lucky to have a mother like Madam Jalina. ;)

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A model mother, we'd all be proud and happy to have such a mother, and you're lucky to have such a person to inspire you into life. It is seen that there is a close connection between you and your mother and besides being an exemplary mother, your teacher and your mentor.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » My role model