Dear Diary,
      These days have been very busy because I had to learn for many subject : Geography, English, French and other tests. I also did not find a way to persuade Eliza to give up the idea of the transfer a another high school. Did I tell you about this?
      Well, things were so pretty that Eliza told me he could not cope with the stress. She's a long way from school so she needs to get up early and take the train to get to town and after walking to high school. She said she felt tired and had no time for subject , for learning the next day and time for her. I did not know what to do to help her.
       When I told all these things to Ronny, he did not think too much and went straight to Eliza and told him that if he wanted he would be glad to help her some things in breaks that she had at home less I asked Eliza to stay with me during the winter so he would not miss a school day.
       So she accepted our ideas, following a great hug between 3 good friends.

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