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Dear Diary...a rose

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Dear Diary,

Today was a very surprising day. I took 10 grade [/b]for my Charles Darwin paper, but I got 4 grade in mathematics. And besides all this I gave a test of history where I could not finish the essay since the last exercise, I still hope to take a good nudge test.
    After the sports hour I was taking some food with Eliza and Ronny, my friends. I was in the high school yard. When I got to the class I was surprised when I saw a rose under the desk. It was a rosy rose. The rose stem was linked with a white thread to a golden note on which the following message was written: "I hope you like my little attention." Besides this cute message there was no name, so I didn't know  who had left my surprise.
Even now I can not figure out who might be the one who made my day more beautiful.
Now I would like to find a way to find out who gave me  the rose and promise I will tell you more later .
(prea scurt)

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This sounds like a beggining of a cute love story. Actually, when i was in the 5th grade a classmate was putting different flowers in my desk every morning. I was very surprised and I didn't know who could it be and when I found out I rejected the boy... well... sorry not sorry. But I hope your story ends beautifully.



wow, what a cute! in my opinion, it sounds like a love story with a very beautiful start. it is a pity that he never wrote his name, but in a way it is good that he kept that mysterious and cute note!  success with the prince and wait for the continuation!



woooww, I looove your plot twist!!! That's so nice and special, I truly think you deserve it. On the other hand though, it is too short, and the actions presented could have been presented in a longer way so it would look like an actual writing. And the marks thing, it's kinda same. I always get a bigger grade in maths than in Romanian, but I'd rather do Romanian instead of maths. That's just life bruh, don't be sad about it :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Dear Diary...a rose