Lazy Sunday
    This day was a really boring one.
    In this late Sunday morning Ií ve been left alone at home by my grandmother who have gone to the countryside. I wonít stay alone for a long time, just tree days.
    Before she have left, she told me that I have a bowl of soup on the table in the kitchen. But, because I donít like soup , I just ignore it and ,because I was starving, I decided to make my own food. I
have started by searching some spaghetti. After I have put the spaghetti to boil, I went to see whatís new on my phone. Of course I forgot about my boiling food and after 20 minutes , hearing the
water bubbling, I closed the fire. I prepared and ate my creation, then i started watching tv until it was 7 in the evening, when i started preparing my books for the next day.

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