If you don't know what is happiness you will be so boring.If you don't know how to love yourself you will never know how to love others.If you don't know what is life you will die without memories.I think anybody needs to know how to plan their days,weeks,months,years and whole life and needs to see the beauty of life.
Well .... Mrs. Peddie is a divorced woman without children from England. For 2 years she said life is the worst gift he has ever received and she didn't see the purpose of it.She was married but her husband let her because she was a lady with too many problems.
At 32 years old in a cake shop she heard a group of people who debated a subject about beauty of life and  she immediately went to a friend of her who is psychologist.In that day she decided to have an open mind and she learned what is happiness: the time when a person knows how to enjoy what he has, also she learned what is love:the best feeling of life and how Mrs.Peddie' s friend say ''YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF AND THEN TO GIVE IT TO OTHERS.'' and in the end she learned what is life and as she says now,,Life is the perfect surprise witch is full of obstacles and if you know how to pass over them you will have a calculated life with different types of feelings.Pain and anguish are appear in life just to know how to make the difference between happiness and sadness.
    from that day she realised hr life was a waste of time because she was too stubborn to listen the truth!