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an argument in the family

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Some time ago I had big problems with alcohol and drugs. My parents knew about these, so they were trying to protect me in all possible ways. They were sending me and then taking me home from all the places i usually were. They thought I was influenced by a bad company. I was terrified and paranoid,always thinking that they were following me and judging. In that moment of my life i was really afraid of my parents because they became really obsessed with controlling me. Also there were cases when they even forbade meeting my friends or leaving the house. They checked my food or drinks that i was bringing home. Somehow they got all my friends phone numbers. Someday at the beginning of the therapy session they finally began to trust me. They allowed me to have a sleepover with my friends. Initially it was a boring party with some alcohol but after some time one of my friends asked us what are we thinking about some pills. Of course everyone agreed to have some more fun. After combining both alcohol and pills we finally began to feel amazing. We experienced a high sensation, next to warm vibes through our bodies. The most important thing is that in this state we were believing all is possible. In the morning i had the worst pain in the world. I called my parents, they took me to the hospital where they find about my problem. This was the first time when we discuss about this and then I realized that i have a problem. I felt that they are with me, that they love me and they will always supporting me.



This is why we should be more carefull with who were spending our time with.  I think talking to your parents more often would save you from many bad things. Try thinking of your parents more ike friends rather then enemies. I liked the story, but it was kind of short.



The parents will always want to control us because they want us to do what they want. They think they are always right but sometimes they aren't . They think we have the same mentality that them had when they were at our age. In our society  the kids begin to smoke and drink from 11 and they know what's the porn industry from the same age and that's not right. Our parents want to control us because they don't want us to do that. In conclusion they want just to protect us and they have good intentions even if they are wrong sometimes.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » an argument in the family