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A new place in Romania

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All people have their momets of anger and sometimes they say things that they regret later.Romanians use a very interesting vocabulary when it comes to arguing.We often use the expression†ĽBata-te-ar Dumnezeu†Ľ and I hope I donít have to translate it to English because it will sound weird and lame.
     Anyway,do you ever thought that,in Romania,there is a place where spirits can actually throw rocks at you?Imagine this place like a bata-te-ar Dumnezeu field.Now,jokes aside,this place actually exist in Costesti,Arges and it all started in 20 March 1997 when people noticed that the rain we are used to see was different,that time it was raining with rocks.Paralized with fear ,all the people that lived there decided that it should be the best to call the authorities.The police couldnít explain this unwitnessed event but they were scared as well because that rain destroyed the roof of many houses there.
       The paranormal lover thought that they should resolve this case because they knew more information about the spooky side of the world then the avarage people.When they were investing this crazy event,something even crazier had happend.People claim that one night the rain storm had intensified  and their furniture started moving around the house.Those guys that were trying to solve the mistery were more confused then ever but they came up with some theories.They said that all this things had happened because of some odd creatures that were invisible and came from another world.Itís pretty crazy,right?
         So if you would like to take a shower with rocks I would totally recommend this place.



omg that's actually really interesting. The text is also pretty well done, even if it's not that much of a story



i like the text so much, quite interesting and i like that you u described the place with a lot of details



A lot of (new) information in this text and a really interesting place. I've never heard of that place before. I think there is an explanation to that but for now I'm just amazed at the story. I don't know how you could think of that place! I like how you described the place by mixing two languages. Maybe you could develop a story based on this place who knows?
Anyway, the text is good and interesting.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A new place in Romania