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A waste of time

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Dear diary,

IDK. I donít know what to do anymore. This has been an awfull day.
Let me explain. First of all, I was in the math class trying to focus on the new lesson because I am almost failing and if I donít understand this I can just say bye to life. So, as I was  trying to focus, my deskmate, Lizza used her phone and showed me different photos that I donít care about. I really wanted to tell her to stop but I just couldnít. And not because I am nice to her or something like that; She is that popular girl that everyone likes so being her deskmate ( and her best friend) means my high school life is pretty good. Except for the fact that she is always treating me a liitle......... bad. Letís just say bad. So I was trying to focus but she kept asking me things and I just couldnít focus. Then the teacher came to see if we wrote down everything on the board. Of course, because she wasnít paying attention, Lizza hadnít saw the teacher coming right to her. When she finally noticed  it was too late. The teacher came and asked her what was she doing and why wasnít listening. Then she stood up and said in the most innocent way possible that she was just reading some texts I sent her and that she wanted to pay attention but I kept asking her stupid question. So she couldnít focus.
This was a lie. I looked at her......... no, I STARED  at her for almost a minute thinking why would she do that. I mean, she knows that this is a lie and that I need to pass this class. So I stood up and said this isnít true. I just did it without thinking. I never felt that way before. It was a mixture of anger and saddnes. When I stood up, the teacher yelled a me for acting that way and Lizza was looking at me with disgust. We both sat down and as the bell ringed the teacher got out of the class telling us to come see him after hours.
There was just a little moment of silence, then I could hear Lizza just getting up and leaving. I donít know why I reacted like that. I mean, it wasnít fair but she is my friend. Or thatís what I tought. Anyway, after she has been gone for like 5 minutes she came back, she looked at me and then she started asking me why am I being like this and if I know in what trouble will she get and that sort of things. I wanted to respond to her, but I just stood there looking at her face. She was really mad but at the same time she was disgusted. Then she said that I should be sorry. This thing made me really angry. I looked her in the eyes and said: Ē Why should I be sorry for ssomething I didnít do?Ē. She was surprised by that. Then I started yelling. I said that it wasnít my fault for what happened and I was dragged in this because of her. And she knew that I needed to pass this class but still blamed me for that. I canít describe how the conversation went on, but in the end I started asking myself what our friendship means. Apparently nothing. I was just doing things for her for 3 years and she treated me unfairly. I donít want to tal to her anymore or do anything for her. Thatís it! Our friendship is over! I just regret the fact that I wasted so much time with her!



I know what having such a "friend" is like and I'm glad you managed to cut all ties with her. Also, I hope you found someone whose presence isn't as harmful. Your idea is pretty original  (I think) and the way you described all the nasty thing Lizza did makes it easy for me to picture them. Keep up the good work!



she done got scooped


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