Today I want to tell you how I usually lose my time and which are the most unnecessary things I do.
First of all, i think that a big part of our life is a waste of time, and sometimes all we do have no sense, but itís okay, itís natural. One of the most horrible things i usually do is that iím victimizing myself to attract someoneís attention and to be ďlovedĒ. I understand that this is a waste if time, and the only solution is to stop and start a new page in my life. But, for me .......... is a bit tricky to escape from my comfort zone, even thought i tried a couple of times. 
Another thing i do to waste the time is watching TV. Sometimes i feel i want to relax and watch something stupid that will never help me.
Now i want to tell you about the biggest lost of time this month. I have to make a project for biology class about meiosis and mitosis. Sincerely i think at the moment for me this is one of the hardest thing in the world, because I hate biology from the bottom of my beart.
By the way, i also think that to hate something or someone is a waste of time, because hate does not help you to develope yourself, your mins is fixed on a topic and you can not think about something else. 
And sometimes i try to think, and iím quite sure that thinking is also a waste of time. Maybe everything we do is unnecessary, because we will dye someday. Maybe the time does not exists, and there is just space.
To my way of thinking, if I exist and itís not a dream, life is a waste of time.

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