This is maybe an unusual story. Not really thought though. It all happend just five months ago, when I went to the gym for the first time. You would think my parents would be happy that I want..... to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And they were, until I started staying 4 hours at a time there.
They started to suspect things, so they fallowed followed me on my way there.
I was lucky I saw them follow me and didn't light any of my cigar....ttes cigarettes. They calmed down probably, and stop....ed bothering me for around a week. But then they found another problem. I was too tired all of the time, and stopped doing my homework. At that point I started being obsessed with exercising all the time, and I felt incredible incredibly guilty if I didn't finish all the sets. It was not healthy, and I didn't realise until my grades started going down. I still didn't want to stop thought.
That's when my parents really staped stepped in. We had a fight, and yes, there were tears.
It took awhile some time to accept I had to reduce the hours I spent in the gym, to have time for school, but it got better. After many arguments with my family, I gradually started to spend less time exercising and actually do some of my homework and spend time with friends again.
I don't know If I should say this, but I'm glad we fought and I'm glad I can still have a healthy lifestyle but be more relaxed at the same time

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