When I was younger I moved with my family to a new town because of my mother's servitude. It was a new city for me, with new people and new personalities and I did not know what to expect. From the first day we moved, all our neighbors came to wish us "Welcome" among them, except one, Mr. Thomas. This was the most unusual neighbor I've ever had.
He was not at all talking and he always avoided me.
One day when I was walking through the front of the house, Mr. Thomas called me to him. A little surprised, I'm coming. It tells me to go to him in the yard to talk a little. I sit on a chair and he brings me tea. A little excited, he told me that he did not avoid me from malice, but because he had a son who died when he was my age, and every time he sees me, I remember him. We talked and finally solved the problem.
From that day, Mr. Thomas is like a grandfather.