My neighbourhood is called "Mircea". It has a lot of grocery shops, drugstores, non-stop stores, but you have to walk a lot to get to the vegetable market. When I was little, I liked to go with my mother there. I was helping her with the bags, because she didn't have a car, advising her what to buy or just spending time togheter. Nowadays, I don't have enough time or patience, but my little sister does.

       My mom always says that the fruits and vegetables are fresher in a vegetable market than they are in the stores. Me, mom and my sister go there every year, in the autumn season to buy products with which we will make food for the winter that will come (like jam, natural juice, sauces, pickles and zacusca). 

       A good thing about a vegetable markets is the price. The products are cheaper and better, but you have to be careful. There are sellers that want to fool you and change the price, that's why my mom walks through this place at least three times. Another plus is that you can find there whatever you want, besides vegetables and fruit. They have dairy products, meat, pans, cooking pots, brooms (made of straws) and other things for house, especially for kitcken.

      The worst thing is that people always come to the vegetable store, because they always need something from there, so it is always crowded. When I was a kid I lost my mom in that place for hundreds of times. Also, you can't trust anybody. If a gypsy comes to you and ask you to taste his tomatoes, trust me, you will have to buy it. You have to be careful at your pockets, your phone, your money, your bag, everything.