The nearest vegetable market is about 5 km from my house, so I do not go there too often (there). More parents go to buy vegetables or fruits in large quantities at the end of summer or spring. But in sometimes I was with them.
  On the vegetable market where my parents usually go, ............ find in the early morning any kind of vegetables and fruits plus honey or dairy honey.
 The sellers are the most honest producers with whom you can negotiate and from which you can buy peacefully. But there are some who are deceiving and who give you poor and dear goods. Sometimes, because of this, I prefer to go buy vegetables at the supermarket ...
  Prices are good and you can buy more and negotiate with less money.
  Vegetables are healthier in the market than in the supermarket, so from this point of view I like the ones in the market.
  The vegetable market is a good and useful thing but with some disadvantages for me ...

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