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You discover a new place in Romania

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When I was younger I used to travel a lot with my parents.Since I was little I ...... realised I love to discover new places.I traveled all over the country,but finally I descovered the most beautiful place in Romania:Sinaia.I talked with my mom to go to Sinaia on a big holiday.Finally the big holiday came.I was so relaxed.[leaga propozitiile] I thought I would not have any homework for three months.
              At the beginning of June the trip was planned.We took the car to arrive there.After a few hours we arrived at our destination.We arrived at the hotel with our friends.The next day we planned to visit Castelul Peles. The Peles Complex is an architectural ensemble.For me Peles Castle was the most beautiful tourist attraction of the whole trip.After that we decided to go to a restaurant. The following days we visited all Sinaia sights.It was one of the most beautiful trips in my life.

prea scurt, sec, cu detalii care nu se leaga

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Yes, Sinaia is a very beautiful city. I was in a trip with my school and it was incredible. All the castles and all the monuments are just... perfect. Your composition is very good, a little bit short in my opinion but that is all. Good luck!



Very nice place! I like it!


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Unusual » You discover a new place in Romania