Shopping is an activity that attracts many of us and sometimes we tend to go overboard buying items for ourselves or for the house and we usually end up never using them or using them for a small period of time. But is it better to shop in small local shops or in big supermarkets?
        Firstly, if we shop from small local shops we will not be tempted to buy things that we donít need, because we will not have such a big variety of products from where to choose. It is scientifically proved that when you go to a supermarket and you are hungry you buy more groceries than you actually need.
       Secondly, we should start going to small local shops to help the little producers to develop their business. Usually in the big supermarkets we will not find products from our country and we do not even really know what we buy and put on our tables.
      Admittedly, even if in a big supermarket you have a big variety of products, small local shops are more compact.
       To conclude, because we help the economy of our country and we are not as tempted to buy unnecessary products I believe that we should go shopping on small local shops.

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