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An argument în the family

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I don't usually argue with my parents, but once we had an argument about me for go........ on a trip with my school. They didn't allow me to go, but they didn't give me any reason why. I pissed of and I started saying more arguments why I would deserved it like I have a good behaviour and good grades and I don't get into trouble or I make them problems. They have continued saying "no" and I started yelling to them, I lost my control and I started crying. They tried to reassure me and they told me I deserve... to go, but sometimes I have to understand that there are more problems, and the problem is not my behaviour, it is that they just have problems with money sometimes because they have bank rates and fuel bills. That talk opened my eyes and I have realised I have to stop acting like a spoiled child.
This argument made me more responsabile and it teached me to accept negative answers too because ............ always is a good reason behind it.

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The idea was a good one and I am glad that you understood that your parents had some financial issues at the time.  Learning how to take a ‘no’ is an important part of everyone’s lives and the story you told us here might’ve been the first step. About the way you wrote, I think that it would be useful to try and give more details about the feelings you had, about the backround story (when, where did this happen). I understood what you wanted to say, but I am sure you’ll do way better as you write more and read others’ homework to learn different phrases and way to express yourself. :) Have a nice day!



I like that you understood your parents. This means that you are a very good child and I think that your family must be proud of you! Of course,  I know that you can write more about this topic and don't be afraid of! Good luck in the future.


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Everyday stuff » An argument în the family