When I was younger i used to play football.I was playing every day until one day.At the age of 14 I was chosen to participate in a test to become a player at CSMS Iasi.There were about 20 children.After all i was selected by the coach.It was one of the best days I had.I felt that all my work was rewarded.I stayed here for more than one year.It was one of the best year.... in my "career" as a football player.I had to leave the team because of my mouther. She told me that the cold was coming.I tried to convince her, but for nothing.In my soul I knew it was in my favor,but i couldn't give up.I felt like I ...............  trained for nothing.I tried to tell here that i would take care of myself and that I was old enough to make decisions alone,but she made the decision:I couldn't play football anymore.I ............... trained to get where i wanted in vain.My decision wasn't important for her. ......... I tried to overcome this incident.After all this I still think about the opportunity I had.

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