In one day me and my family wanted to choose a place where we could spent our time in a mini holiday. It was hard for us because we wanted a new place we haven’t seen before, but finally we chose to go in a mountain........ place named “Muntii Retezat”. We read some reviews ......... which people said that ..... is the most beautiful place they have ever seen, so we decided to convince us with our own eyes. When we arrived there we didn’t have a surprise, it was really a magnificent place. In that place you were feeling relaxed, with charged batteries and with a positive energy. You could meditate to life and ....... same time to discover the beauties of nature and to enjoy them. There we met a nice local who showed us more spots where we could admire the view or take photos, and he told us interesting things about that place like there is a big variety of plants and animals and how the local people they live there.
We liked very much this new place because ....... is peaceful and relaxed and you can enjoy the nature and the fresh air.

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