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A waste of time

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Last summer I wanted to do something productive which could take my time, so I decided to involve myself in different activities, which one of them itwas to participate at toa volunteering of dividing deliveringthe leaflets on the street. The leaflets were about projects and events and our job in this volunteering was ...... when we share to people the leaflets we have hadto talk them about it. Unfortunately this activity took a month and we had to stay in the middle of the day when is itwas so hot, and most of the people were rude to us while we .........had tried to inform them about what is in the leaflets, or they ignored us. The worst happening was in a very hot day, at 2 pm. The sun shined powerfulshone powerfully, but we tried to do our job. I was with two other girls and we decided to stop a group of people which seemed to be from another country. When they were closer to us, we noticed that they .........were talkedtalkingin another language, so we spoke to  them in English.
When .......wetold them that we wanted to interrupt a few minutes to inform ........themabout an event, some people in that group gave us some ugly glances, and one of them asked us more words rude..... , in English and in Romanian, and they made us feel stupid, although we have hadpolitely addressed without the intention of disturbing them. After this scene they left without even one of them apologizing for what .........ithappened. It was the time when we decided to end the volunteering because many people ignored us or insulted us we and spent a lot of time in the sun with no use. After that I realised it was a big waste of time.

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Though you have some words written wrongly the story is quite good.For me the topic is  a little bit boring but this is just my opinion. I also want to say that I like that you realised that your activity was a waste of time.  You could write other things but it's okey.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A waste of time