I am the kind of person who loves nature and being surrounded by it. That’s why every summer I go to another city in Romania and explore a new forest. This time I went into a forest called “La Forêt de la Lune” (Moon Forest). And o my, it was magnificent.
        The forest was humble, thick, and young. Its canopy was dominated by birch, sycamore, and hemlock, who let through enough dancing beams of sunshine for vibrant herbs to use the crunchy layer of leaves below. Quiet creepers hung from most trees, and a medley of flowers, which grew dispersed and sparingly, added some color to the otherwise jade lower level. A hodgepodge of noises, most belonged to foraging animals, brightened up the forest, and were in harmony with the sounds of a fight over dominance between larger animals. As I passes through the forest and walk on a footpath, jump over some big boulders I reach to a strange area. It was looking as it was a completely different forest. It was far-reaching, foggy, and primal. Its canopy was ruled by poplar, maple, and beech, and twinkling lights bursting through their crowns allowed for a mishmash of herbs to take advantage of the moss covered grounds below. Thick vines held onto the occasional tree, and a mishmash of flowers, which desperately tried to avoid the shadows, added playful elements to the otherwise jade view.
         I was amazed by its beauty and mystery. It was like I passed throw a portal and arrived in a completely different world.
         I’m coming back here next year for sore.