Dear diary,
          Everything is a waste of time, life is a waste of time, school is a waste of time. Everything is a waste of time and I mean it.
When you start a relationship, even it’s romantic or not, you should realize that you started it only for the memories ‘cause it ain’t going to last forever. You should know that. You should be able to understand that. Nothing last........ forever. People are going to come into our lives and then, when you need them the most, ........ leave. That’s why I hate humans. They’re so naïve and selfish, they think nothing bad is going to happen to them, no one is going to leave them. But this isn’t a dream, this is reality. Nothing is going to last forever and no human is immortal. Unfortunately they aren’t only ignorant. When you need them the most, and you’re sure they aren’t going to let you down, they’re going to stab you in the back. And they call us “monsters”. They’re so stupid. I hate them, I hate them all. They ........ killed my kind without even giving an explanation. But don’t worry. Our time to rise is coming soon, and you will pay for all your mistakes. We’re going to rise above all of you. So just you wait.

           Until next time,
           The king, Your enemy

[asta trebuia sa fie o povestire, o naratiune. Adauga macar un paragraf narativ. Oricum, ai deviat de la subiectul "waste of time" la "people will let you down"]

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