Dear Diary,
      Yesterday I realize how fool and naive I am.  Let me tell you a story. 
      Monday, around 9 a.m., someone called me. It was an old acquaintance asking me is I want to hang out with her and her friends. Later while I was reading a book, not an interesting one, I realize that we settle to hang out it was a really important event that I wanted to go to. So I rush to the phone and I called her. I waited and waitedÖ No answer. I was confuse, I didnít know what to do. There were less than 10 hours till our meeting,  so ,since no one answer the phone call and in a few minutes I was going to bed, I realize that I didnít have time to tell her that I couldnít come anymore . Plus it was rude to tell someone in the last minute that you canít come. So I decided to give up the event and meet up with her. What a stupid choice.
      The next day I arrived 5 minutes sooner at the café we agreed to meet. After 10 minutes I received a message from her in which she announced me that our meeting has been canceled because she couldnít come anymore. In that moment I realize that it wasnít worth it to give up on the things I want to do for other people. 
      So I swear here and now that Iím not going to make this mistake ever again.