Everyday I wake up at 6, I wash my hands, I brush my teeth, I take a quick breakfast, I dress up, then I am going to the bus station ....... waiting for my bus. I take the bus about 5 bus stations then when I arrive, I get off the bus then I walk like 10 minutes then I arrive to school. My class is at ....... second floor and it's hard to climb stairs, but we need to do it so that we can learn. Usually I am at school from 8 AM to 14 or 15 PM. Then, when I finish school i am going to the tram station from  Union Square, then, I am waiting for my tram. When my tram arrives, it usually takes me like 20 minutes to get home. When I arrive home I usually get into bed and sleep for like 2 hours, then I am doing my homework.
So, it was a usual day at school, everybody was ready for the beginning of the class. The teacher arrived and told us to take a piece of paper and to listen at his tasks. We were very frightened...but we were ready as always and we faced that test. 2 days after, the teacher brought us the test .............s. I was relaxed because I knew I took a 10 but it wasn't like that... When my test arrived at me, I was very excited to see it but then the tears started to came up and the angry also. I tried to master the situation but no succeed, my nerves were to...... big to calm down so I just walked out from the class.... and ran as far as I could with tears in my eyes. It was winter, so outside .............. was ice on the ground. I ran till I arrived outside when I slipped of the ice and I broke my head.  I fainted for a while, then i woke up at a hospital. I was scared, my mother was near me with tears in her eyes, my teacher also was in the room and he asked me why i did that so i told him that i couldn't handle my nerves. It was a story I will never forget.

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