A day ago I realised I ...... made the biggest mistake of my life in the last four months, it ["care"] was from love, or better said because of my love. It all started when I met a boy that is a friend of one my best friends.
We started hanging out more and more often, getting closer and sharing a lot of memories. As usual, because I am the type of person that becomes attached very easily I saw only the good parts in him and I thought that he really cares about me. After one mounth we started dating and all was very beautiful. Most of my friends warned me that he wasn't as good and kind as I thought he would be.
Obviously, I didn't listen to them because I am very  stubborn. I was very happy in the first three months but then, I started to feel that something was strange and I tried to talk with my friends that were upset with me because I used to spend less and less time with them. Of course they forgot me and help..... me figuring out what was wrong. As I suspected, he was talking to other girls and my best friend saw him hugging and being very close one of my "friends". My best friend, who is also a boy and, was the one that was the most upset with me because I didn't listen to his advice about this boy, but the one who helped me to put myself together and then to go and talk to that boy. I explained ...... him how much I cared about him and ....... what he ........ did really hurt me. He tried to apologize but I couldn't forget him.
Once again, I realised that I shouldn't be so stubborn and that I should take other people's advice into consideration the next time I meet someone that could have an impact in my life.

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