I am a such a fool...There is no question about that.There are too many reasons but I decided to write about this.
When i was younger i used to stay  late outside.One night we decided to go in an abandoned building to walk around.We knew there was a certain danger but we finally decided to do it.With a little fear, we entered into the builing.There were a lot of rooms where you could find anything.We entered the rooms when we heard something strange.I've never been so scared in my life. We watched at the stairs and we saw a strange man who was looking for us.He started to look for us in all the rooms.We got close to him and we saw that he had a gun in his left hand. When he was looking for us two guys locked him in a room and we got out from there.Right after that we decided to go to our homes.In the middle in the night I was thinking about that incident.

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