As another day was starting, the sun was shining so bright and the birds' chirping was so soothing, our lovely Tahlia was getting better and better, seeing that the cold she had caught was almost gone.
Since the previous day she couldn't go to her theatre class, she insisted a lot so that her mother would let her go. After begging her for almost an hour, her mom agreed to let her go if she'd clean the whole house, knowing that poor Tahlia couldn't get to class in time if she attempted to obey her mother's wish. Tahlia tried her best, running all around the house, putting everything in order and wiping everything clean. Her room was the hardest, cause her clothes were all over the place. However, when she was finally done, she anxiously asked her mom to come see if things were all right. Her mother was walking around and judging every little detail meanwhile Tahlia was beating the rythm to her pounding heart with her shaking fingers. Finally, an answer was heard and it seemed so loud. "YES". Our girl got dressed as fast as possible and got into the car waiting for her mother.
She texted her mates to ask them where they were meeting. Not long after, she got back into the house, just as her mum was ready to get out. Turns out they didn't have the class that day and Tahlia just read the group's old texts. After realising that, firstly she thought "ugh, what a waste of time..". it was later on when she found out that she actually did her job for once, as it's not the mother's responsability to keep the house in order. It's a chore that the whole family needs to share. Tahlia ended up doing her part a lot more after this event and her parents started being a lot more understanding because of all the help.

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