Last week i was with my family on a little holiday in Romania. Since i was a baby i loved to travel, for me the car was the best swing. I know the whole country and i was really surprized to discover that new amazing standing.
We visited some places in Bucovina: Monastery Putna, Chilia lui Daniil Sihastrul, Cetatea de scaun a Sucevei etc. We were taking photos, listen to music, my dad was driving and somehow we arived on a forest road. It seemed to have failed, but at the end of the road a car park was opened. We left the car in there, we followed the signs and we went on a path until we arrived in that story place. It looked exactly how the writers were describing the forests. The sunís rays were sneaking trough green leaves of golden trees while puffy bunnies like clouds were sinking in the high lichens. In all that harmony there was an old wooden house like a cottage. All that painting full of peace was accompanied by the sing of the birds.That is the place i will never forget for its peacefully.